Photo credit:  David Rizzo Photography

Bogdan is an experienced and versatile freelance photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in sports photography. Through his artistic use of light, composition, and timing, and his high attention to detail, Bogdan creates images that are bold, vivid, and captivating. 




Originally from Romania, Bogdan grew up in Southern California before moving out to the East Coast and studying theoretical physics at Cornell University. Both technically and artistically inclined from a very young age, drawing, painting, and playing different musical instruments since the age of 5, Bogdan took up photography later in life, while working in cybersecurity for various financial companies, as a means to satisfy his creative side, shooting everything from portraits, travel, landscapes, events, and even weddings. This “wave-particle duality”, being both very technical and very artistic minded, has enabled him to understand and work very well in many different areas of life, including photography, an art form which is both technical and creative. Deciding to do photography professionally was thus the perfect marriage of his childhood artistic passions and interests, and his adult technical expertise.




Being a very competitive person by nature, and having participated in various sports himself with hardly any photos to show for it, Bogdan was drawn to photographing sports as a means of documenting those important but fleeting moments, that unless captured by the camera live on only in our memories. Sports photography is also extremely challenging, and thus also the most rewarding to him. A good sports photograph is not just about freezing action, but also about capturing the physicality, intensity, and emotion displayed by athletes, and the essence of the sports they participate in. And that’s the ideal Bogdan strives for in every photo he takes, whether in a one-on-one private session, at an event, or at a playoff game.



Serving the Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire areas, Bogdan is ready to work with you to create compelling and memorable images. Described by those that know him as a very personable and funny guy, he does smile, despite what his profile picture may show. You can contact him here.